Some Unfinished Business in the Communion

March 1, 2015

From June to July, 2015, is the General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Running up to this convention, in which a new Presiding Bishop of TEC will be elected, it is important for Christians to consider the state of belief and teaching in the Anglican Communion.

The current TEC Presiding Bishop is seated in two of the four Instruments of Unity of the Anglican Communion.  As this letter from the head of the Anglican Church of Nigeria noted (in the report appended to the letter) – there are grave problems in the teaching of the Communion, through this church of the Communion – with the Presiding Bishop herself having taught things which seem to deny that Jesus is God, and that Jesus rose from the dead.  Or at the very least – that these things should be important to Christians.

The silence from world Christianity which followed this open, official letter was rather dumb-founding.  It is worth considering how the world’s largest Protestant body became so diffident in this manner regarding what its highest leaders teach about the Son of God, and how Christians worldwide have either: neglected to learn this, neglected to act upon it, or neglected to care about it – a combination of all three of these.

The open letter is no longer online in its original location, but can be seen in the internet archive: here.

I have taken the liberty of putting a copy of the attached report online here: Primates-Report-Final

This is the only careful analysis of which I’m aware dealing with the issue: here

I would advise prayer before you begin contemplating these things.


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