a thread on topic: “Have any other top church leaders denied essential aspects of Christ’s identity in manners more profound than +KJS?”

June 28, 2010

(posted June 28, 2011 – back-dated so as not to appear amongst current articles)

It appears that the answer here is a resounding “yes” – the degree however to which the churches they are a part, are contributing to these teachings, and the degree to which these are “significant churches,” remains in question.

Jesus’ divinity doubted

Church leader holds controversial views

By BOB HARVEY Southam Newspapers “The Ottawa Citizen” October 30, 1997

The divinity of Jesus and the reality of heaven and hell are irrelevant, says the new moderator of the United Church of Canada.

What really matters, says Right Rev. Bill Phipps, is mending a broken world.

In a free-wheeling debate with the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen, Phipps said Jesus was more interested in life on Earth than the afterlife and had more to say about economics than any other subject. “I don’t believe Jesus was God, but I’m no theologian,” Phipps said.



  1. United Church of Canada – has been in major decline, 2008 statistics were at 525K members, about 200K attending regularly (from Wikipedia).

  2. Bishop Phipps should be immediately put up on ethics charges–since he swears every week the Nicene Creed which certainly does–several times–say Jesus is (and was) God. Since he doesn’t believe it–he’s openly lying in every service he says it….

  3. Interesting comments. We have an Episcopal Bishop here in the U.S. (John Shelby Spong) who denies all of the basic doctrines of the faith and even says that “theism” as a way to talk about God is no longer appropriate. But he’s still a bishop drawing a tidy income from the church–which means his poor, misguided flock is being fleeced. I think he’s a complete fraud, but lots of people think he’s an honorable man. Go figure.

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