Christianity in the Digital Space Symposium under way now

July 14, 2009

digitalsymp3You all are warmly encouraged to follow the symposium Christianity in the Digital Space – it’s available in streaming format and its blog site is at http://digitalsymp.blogspot.com/. Videos of past meetings are available on their youtube channel.

The Rev. Mark Brown is speaking at this moment; N.T. Wright will also be speaking, and Ailsa Wright (Helene Milena at the Cathedral and in our Bible study) has already given a short presentation.

This is also an excellent opportunity to “virtually” meet & connect with people who are interested in online ministry. You can follow the conference on Twitter at http://twitter.com/digitalsymp and follow what’s being said with twitter searches http://twitter.com/#search?q=digitalsymp and http://twitter.com/#search?q=digisymp.

This conference is being hosted by CODEC – unfortunately, their site does not tell us what this acronym stands for. CODEC has the following aims:

  • explore the interrelationship between Christianity and the media, spirituality and the internet
  • understand the development in human relationships and self-perception within a digital media world
  • research and develop teaching tools appropriate for a digital media world
  • assess and resource the Christian community’s appreciation of the digital environment
  • increase the Church’s ability to communicate effectively in the digital environment


  1. CODEC stands for the Centre for Communication in the Digital Environment.

    Lots of good conversations here.

    In my talk yesterday I made a comment about dragons leading worship and that keeps coming up in comments and tweets. Seems I’m famous in a funny sort of way!

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