Who’s praying for TEC General Convention?

July 7, 2009

Twittercompass_roseWhen we pray on Twitter, we only “get together” asynchronously – but we’re still, in some sense, coming together, and an odd sort of “virtual community,” if one takes that word loosely. Knowing something about one another, when in community, can help strengthen the bonds of community.

I’ve been asking people to tell me something about themselves – and in some cases I’ve gathered the info myself (or knew it in advance from previous contact).

Here are the people I’ve seen so far praying on Twitter for TEC General Convention with the hashtag #pray4TEC – we’re asking those willing to provide some short bio info.

I’ll try to keep up and post more when more start praying with the hashtag #pray4TEC; if you are praying for TEC and have a Twitter account, please consider also praying with the hashtag #pray4TEC. You’ll be part of our odd virtual community, and you’ll also be stimulating others to pray for this important event, at this important time. Send your bio tweet to @AnglicanEcumen

If you don’t know about hashtags – well, you just add #pray4TEC to the end of your tweet, as simple as that. And to view the prayers, type #pray4TEC in the search box. Then you’ll see something like a prayer wall – all the people who have come together virtually to pray for this important event.

Note: we are calling to prayer, and these are people of various convictions – we aren’t calling only people with whom we agree, we are calling all who want to pray, to pray for the Convention. God never acts contrary to His sovereign will – so it is always a good thing to encourage others to come to God in prayer, no matter what their beliefs. We don’t necessarily endorse the positions of any of the people below listed, but we are coming together virtually for prayer, so it is a good thing to get to know one another a bit.

  • @AilsaWright is a layperson in discernment for ordination in the UK.  She has been involved in multiple online ministries, and currently is the Lay Pastor of the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life.  She is also a very active member with the AES in our Bible study and other events.
  • @Rev_Kurt is “Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church – a lovely Church on the Green – welcoming everyone on their journey of faith! I often tweet prayers from the BCP.”
  • @glorychurchFL is “a community that is passionate about the worship of Jesus. We worship in the Anglican tradition and value the liturgy and theology of the English reformation while being committed to being relevant to today’s culture. We stand on the timeless, historic, mainstream Christian faith, based on the Old and New Testaments and the traditional expressions of that faith in the Apostles, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.” Glory of God Anglican Church also prayed together with us for the formation of the ACNA.
  • @JosephLobdell is “open to transformation, daily to Divine” – I’d love to add more. Joseph, thanks for praying for GC!

  • @MotherDiva lives in the US, cradle Episcopalian, SAHM to 3 kids, became Anglican (AMIA) almost 2 yrs ago due to direction of TECUSA.

  • @corkyt is a mom, wife, retail slave, liberal, & episcopalian – pray 4 her that she gets the job that suits her

  • @Liturgy writes incisively and prolifically on liturgy for today, on his blog & in books & articles

  • @Saint_Barnabas is a small but vital, diverse and growing congregation focused on traditional Anglican Christian worship in Shoreline, WA, “a traditional 1928 Prayer Book parish formed in response to the prayer book revision in the late 1960’s. We describe ourselves as “Rooted in Scripture & steeped in Anglican Tradition”. Our affiliations are the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC).”

  • @Saint_Barnabas prayed with us on Twitter 2 weeks ago for the ACNA formation.

  • @NPASDK leads a prayer service in skype & will lead us in prayer tomorrow online for TEC GC. Has a non-existent beautiful wife.

  • @NPASDK is an enormously funny & thoughtful TEC priest in SD, dedicated – great at church growth, in poor area

  • @anglicansaints also helped us with some thinking / working on our own prayer project for TEC GC

  • @anglicansaints – cool dude with heart for Christ & 1662 BCP. Will soon begin prayer services in skype, good mind for online ministry.

  • @SkyPilot10 was my rector in the US – everyone talked about how cool he is. Loving, brilliant guy. Was cath dean, now @ TEC Vero Beach.

  • I live in Belgium, Anglican, web dev, originally from US (TEC). I lead a Bible study in Second Life & lead the AES, an online ministry thing. On Second Life my avatar name is Wilfried Ansome – so in Twitter I am @WilfriedAnsome

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