Flyers / bulletin inserts available for promoting General Convention prayer

July 3, 2009

There are flyers / bulletin inserts for making your parishoners aware of our call to prayer for the Episcopal General Convention and the special online prayer sessions we are organizing to this end (see our article on how we will be praying for the Episcopal General Convention – read first if you haven’t yet). Please consider downloading one and placing some copies by your welcome table or coffee urn, or perhaps even including it as a bulletin insert.

We had a few complaints / remarks from Episcopalians concerning our call to prayer for the formation of the ACNA. A properly-informed theology of prayer should not “have a problem” with praying for another church, even if one is in profound disagreement with it, or does not even want to consider it as a “church.” After all, we are also praying for the people whom God loves who are in that church.

I think if we had made bulletin inserts specifically for Episcopal churches, we might have been able to count on more Episcopalians joining us for prayer. Thus, this time around, we’ve also included a bulletin insert for ACNA congregations with some specific motivation for prayer, emphasizing unity and the theology of prayer. We perhaps should have done so with our last call to prayer for the Episcopal Church. We do hope to be joined in prayer by people from Episcopal churches, from ACNA churches, and from churches around the communion, whether or not they are in agreement with the leadership of TEC. Prayer for these things is always a good thing. Especially in such a difficult time as the moment we find ourselves in as a Communion.

A bulletin for general use: Prayer for TEC General Convention

A bulletin emphasizing unity and the importance of prayer for TEC during these times, fit for congregations whose members might be at first skeptical about praying for TEC: Prayer for TEC General Convention, for non-TEC oriented congregations

Please do consider distributing these in some way, or sending people to our site for information about this prayer campaign. Unity and healing in the Anglican Communion are incredibly important at this moment, and we must call to God to help us.

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