Upcoming project: Praying for TEC General Convention

June 25, 2009
An Episcopal priest. You can pray for him, too.

An Episcopal priest. Please pray for him, too.

Many thanks to all those who have been praying with us for the formation of the ACNA. We have been asked by an Episcopal priest to also consider praying for General Convention. And this we shall consider very seriously. I think it is very likely that we will do so, if we are able to find some people willing to help out with organizing this.

If we do so, we will very likely have some general guidelines concerning public prayer within Second Life to keep divisive issues at bay. E.g., if you would like to pray that the Convention adopt a particular resolution – or wish to pray regarding some stance on sexuality – you will be asked to pray privately, and not in public chat. We’d likely also try to stimulate prayer for the Convention and for TEC in Twitter.

Remember, as with the ACNA – you can pray for General Convention even if you disagree vehemently with the leadership of TEC. We do not believe that God acts contrary to His will in answering prayer. Praying for wisdom and obedience of General Convention delegates is always a good thing, as is praying for God’s will to be done in TEC.

If you are in general agreement with what we are doing in the AES, and willing to help organizing things, please let us know. You may respond in comments below, and a contact form should be up shortly.

In the future we may also help organize prayer for other important church assemblies – both Anglican and non-Anglican. If you know of one coming up, and are also prepared to help organize, do let us know.



  1. see cstg.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks, Father Eaton.

    Father Eaton is organizing prayer for General Convention at http://csgw.wordpress.com/. We’ll see if we can contribute.

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