Tweet prayers for the ACNA assembly

June 22, 2009


UPDATE: You can also stimulate prayer for the formation of the ACNA simply by using Facebook, if you don’t have a Twitter account and aren’t interested in one – by simply posting a prayer for the ACNA in your status box (“what are you thinking”). You can also stimulate others to do so, by simply “sharing” this article on Facebook. You can do that by just clicking here. People won’t be able to see a “stream” of all the prayers anywhere, as they can in Twitter – but it will certainly help others to remember to pray!

With the ACNA assembly beginning today, surely some will be interested in “following” what is happening on Twitter.

It’s common for congresses, assemblies, and conventions for people to “follow” the happening by using hashtags (#). The hashtag makes it easy for people to find similar listings by using Twitter’s search function. So for example people following the New Widgets Conference would use the hashtag #NWC – so during Mr. Smith’s lecture on Shiny Widgets, someone might tweet the following:

Smith says shiny widgets have been over-promoted and probably will see a sharp decline in consumption #NWC

Twitterers who were interested in this conference and actively following it would then know that you find this interesting, and from the aggregate of comments marked #NWC, would have more information about what was actually said at the conference which twitterers found tweet-worthy.

During the ACNA assembly, I suggest that, in addition to praying wherever we are, we also share some of our prayers via twitter with the hashtag #ACNA. Why? It’s a “virtual” way to come together with others praying for the same event, and it may inspire some to join in this important cause of praying for this new church. I believe praying for the assembly here is of a higher priority than simply “reporting” on it – anyone who is interested can watch it live, at http://anglicantv.org/live – and it is more important that people pray for it, than keep up with the very latest of what is happening there.

You can already stimulate others to pray for the ACNA formation by tweeting the following:

Plz RT: @AnglicanEcumen ~ help pray & stimulate prayer for the new #ACNA ~ http://bit.ly/7gycX #Anglican

The assembly itself is keeping a twitter feed at


In order to stimulate some of you to engage in praying for the assembly on Twitter, I’ve composed a list of others you can follow which may be of interest to you:

Our own Twitter page:

Some of our members –

other members:
http://twitter.com/AilsaWright (also leads at the Cathedral in SL)
http://twitter.com/BabyBlueAnglica (also of http://babybluecafe.blogspot.com fame)

http://twitter.com/c_of_e – the official twitter page of the Church of England

[ » please also join us on Facebook ]

http://twitter.com/DioceseofSheff – the Diocese of Sheffield
http://twitter.com/DioceseofDerby – the Diocese of Derby
http://twitter.com/diochi – the Diocese of Chicester

of interest, Anglican
http://twitter.com/churchnewspaper – the Church of England newspaper
http://twitter.com/liturgy – tweets from a Liturgist in NZ
http://twitter.com/ionacommunity – the Iona Community
http://twitter.com/greenbelt – the Greenbelt Festival
http://twitter.com/ntwrightnews – updates regarding Bp. N.T. Wright
http://twitter.com/PauseForPrayer – “No doctrine, just … Prayer Starters”
http://twitter.com/thechurchmouse – church news from the church mouse
http://twitter.com/bible4u – Bible passages and inspirational messages from the Bible Society, NZ

of interest, general Christian
http://twitter.com/ReligiousIntel – Religious Intelligence news source (George Conger, amongst others)
http://twitter.com/RuthieGledhill – Ruth Gledhill
http://twitter.com/ccel – the Christian Classics Ethereal Library

http://twitter.com/eurobishop (David Hamid)
http://twitter.com/pete173 (Pete Broadbent)
http://twitter.com/bpdt (David Thompson)
http://twitter.com/fishbish (David Rossdale)
http://twitter.com/steven_croft (Steven Croft)

A list of people tweeting from the Church of England from Peter Ould:


A list of Anglicans by Bosco Peters, where you can add your own twitter info if you are an Anglican:


A list of twittering Catholics by Fr. Roderick (HT Bosco Peters):


If you twitter about things Christian, feel free to leave your own twitter address in comments. Feel free also to share any Christian twitter pages that have inspired you. Please include the whole link, and a very short description – 40 words or less.

We’ll surely post more on use of Twitter for Christians at some point – a great deal of ink has already been spilled on this topic, so we’ll be providing you with some of the best links, and some thoughts of our own.

Image note: the ACNA is NOT yet recognized as a province by the Anglican Communion, although many of its bishops are recognized as bishops within the Anglican Communion. However, its formation is already having a great impact on the Communion; and in praying for it, we are also thus praying for the Communion.

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