Live prayer thread for the ACNA formation assembly

June 22, 2009
St. Vincents' Cathedral

St. Vincents' Cathedral

We’ve been posting on the importance of prayer for the assembly that will be forming the ACNA, as we will be praying ourselves for the ACNA within Second Life. These have included the potential of using Twitter and Facebook to stimulate others to pray for the assembly, and also, in a way, coming together virtually in prayer.

Not all have accounts with Second Life, Twitter, or Facebook. In that case, you can also pray right here in this thread, as a “live prayer thread.”

Many are skeptical with regards to new media and things like prayer. Why prayer in a blog comment thread?

[ we will be using the comments in this thread as a live prayer feed for the assembly – click on the “more” link to read more, or leave your prayer ]

Consider the use of prayer books. Printed prayers can be helpful in leading others in prayer, or stimulating others to pray. We often make use of prayers which aren’t the spontaneous inspiration of an individual. Consider how we pray the Lord’s Prayer, as Christ Himself encouraged us.

There is considerable merit in bringing people together for prayer, even if they are not physically together. When a group posts prayers in one area, they are inspired by the others who have prayed there, and are drawn themselves in a special way to pray. You may or may not believe that this is what Scripture speaks of when “two or three are gathered together” – certainly, if we are speaking of a comment thread, this seems to be pushing the limits. But it is without doubt that we can be inspired by the Spirit through the prayers of others.

I suggest the following prioritization of prayer for the assembly:

Second Life – the sense of togetherness is quite intense in Second Life – quite a few “real” spiritual communities have formed there, and are sometimes even more active and community-oriented than typical church home groups

http://anglicantv.org – if there is a chat room available there (there has been in the past), try that – a great way to connect with others in prayer, if it is mostly given to prayer – though note, sometimes chatrooms attrack snarky trolls, and that’s likely for this event, since much has been done to foment controversy – much too much, in my opinion – things made to seem much more controversial than they actually are, unfortuantely.

Twitter – so easy to follow prayers with the #acna hash tag

Facebook – a good way to stimulate others

And last – if you don’t have the above, or if you want to post in addition to what’s mentioned above – feel free to post a thread here, using comments here as a “live prayer feed.” Pray whatever God leads you to pray, for the assembly, for the Anglican Communion, and for the body of Christ.

Please remember: “vertical” prayers, not “horizontal.” We are praying to God, not communicating implicit messages to others on this thread. It’s not an opportunity to complain about what we see as wrong or unjust, it’s an opportunity to pray for God’s will.



  1. Father, may they be one!

    Cast aside all ambition, all divisive tendencies; may Your wisdom pour out amongst all present.

    May Your presence in all our brothers and sisters in Christ who are there inspire them to move forward in the power of Your spirit and in unity.


  2. Lord,

    There is much healing that needs to take place. There is still much bitterness, many old wounds, some new ones.

    May Your Spirit of healing be powerfully present amongst Your church. Heal those who have been wounded in the ACNA. Heal those who have been wounded in TEC. Heal those who have been wounded elsewhere in the Communion and in the whole body of Christ. May we be able to see past our blind spots; may we learn to forgive; may the scales fall from our eyes, where we have been blinded by previous confrontations. May Your will be more clear to all.


  3. Lord, pour Your wisdom on all in your Church, especially on Anglicans at this time. Give all increasing measures of Your grace so that the listening is generous and the loving of one another is genuine, despite differences. May all remember that You died for each one of us; no one is more or less important than another.

    Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

  4. Lord, may Your wisdom and Spirit be abundant in all in the ACNA. Protect the assembly, and all members from the temptations of triumphalism; from anything which is unnecessarily divisive. May they be Your wise and obedient servants – the leaders foremost.

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