Doing Online Ministry: a presentation by Paul Watson

May 28, 2009
Paul Watson

Paul Watson

On 30 May, 1:30PM PDT, Paul Watson will be giving a presentation about Online Ministry in Second Life.

You are warmly invited to join us.

Paul Watson is a writer and speaker. He comes from a church planting background – his family spent time in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

Paul is deeply influenced by his father, who developed a church planting strategy after carefully reading and praying through the New Testament. For a number of years he was involved in developing resources for church planters all over the world.

In the last year, he has devoted much of his time to developing strategies for reaching out to people online. You can read about his work at http://ReachingTheOnlineGeneration.com. His work here is some of the most thoughtful and incisive work regarding Online Ministry we have seen to date. Paul writes about themes that go beyond the “hype” and “wow” aspects of online ministry, asking penetrating questions about the

Where you need to be at Willoughby

the church at Willoughby

best ways of finding, approaching, and discipling online communities. The themes of prayer and scripture are powerfully interwoven throughout his work and underline the importance these have in his approach to all aspects of ministry. This summer, Paul will be leading a course and eight-week guided mission in online ministry, teaching the basics of ministry and church planting, and also their application within the online setting.

Paul also has a heart for Second Life ministry and we certainly hope to be seeing more of him in Second Life.

Join us for a discussion with Paul about Online Minsitry in general, and his particular approach. The venue within Second Life hasn’t yet been chosen, but there will be a teleport point set up at the doors of the large church building at Willoughby. If you have any questions, you may contact Wilfried Ansome inworld.

If you miss Paul for this unique event, he will also be speaking at the Christian Web Conference at Biola University in September, 2009. More information about that event at http://ChristianWebConference.com.

This event is hosted by the Anglican Ecumenical Society and tekklesia.com .



  1. I was very much impressed with Paul’s presentation and received a great number of enthusiastic responses during his talk in IM.

    Paul wants some feedback about his presentation – how did you find it? Also, if you like, use this thread to express your appreciation for Paul’s taking his time to speak with us.

    You can also join our facebook page if you’d like to keep up on information about us.

  2. I thought the presentation was excellent – I especially appreciate the discussion about community building and how one witnesses. I would be interested to hear other presentations.

  3. Thank you very much for coming to give your talk.

    It was informative and enlightening. I very much appreciated it and would be interested to hear you speak again.

  4. Reaching the online generation link is incorrect. It should be: http://www.reachingtheonlinegeneration.com/

  5. I was truly blessed by Paul’s presentation in SL and knew immediately that he was an answer to prayer. God has been bringing together a strong Christian community in Second Life over the last 3 years, placing believers in areas where there is need. One of the main needs has been for a person who God has prepared to lead and motivate others to witness to the lost. I believe Paul, as well as others who have helped bring this about, are truly called to Second Life. Second Life is a vast mission field and a vast opportunity to reach those who need the Savior.

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